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Greece is collapsing. The crisis has worn people down. Responsible politicians are nowhere to be found: the country is being plundered by a corrupt upper class and has been left to the extreme right wing populists to pursue their racial hatred. In addition to the questions “fight or submit?” “emigrate or stay?” the question for everybody remains “How to survive?” All the protagonists in Point of No Return have decided to fight. Since the idea of democracy is beginning to crumble, faith in a sense of community is increasing. With their innovative projects, they forge a new path or they rediscover forgotten resources that were once well-known. The film shows contemporary Greece and its people, who do not want to be seen as victims but as citizens overcoming this challenge.

Point of no return

Director + Script: Alkmini Boura | Cinematography: Dionysis Efthymiopoulos, Fee Scherer | Editing: Wanda Kiss | Music: Kostis Tsioulakis

Producer + Script: Oliver Stoltz | Production: Dreamer Joint Venture

Production Year 2013  |  Duration: 52' | ARTE

Director + Script + Cinematography + Editing: Alkmini Boura 

Music: Tobias von Glenck

Production: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Production Year 2007  |  Duration: 13'

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